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General Practice Teaching
and Research

Healers & Teachers

Dr  Doorbinnia  and  Dr  Sorial  have  a  keen interest in teaching  young  medical  students   as  it  is  important  to  help  foster  good  clinical and ethical  skills  to  these medical students  to motivate  them towards  considering  General  Practice as a  career  choice .



Both doctors enjoy supporting and  encouraging their   GP  registrars  to  become  skilled and  confident   in assessing  everyday  general  practice  problems and allow them to  pass  their  fellowship exams and  become  well  trained and vocationally  trained.

The  practice  has  recently  been  re- accredited  since May  2018  for a  further  3  years  to  train  GP  synergy  registrars  from level  1 to  level  3.

The  Practice  is  constantly  involved  in various  University  Projects.


Most  research projects  have  ethics approval and  are  de-identifies  data .

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