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Aged Care Specialists - Sydney South West Geriatric Services (SSWGS)

Visiting Geriatricians

SSWGS is a newly established private geriatric service, which aims to provide comprehensive geriatric assessment for the elderly patients in Sydney South West Area. Our service is an independent geriatric service which has our own office at Powell Street Yagoona. SSWGS is staffed by 2 experienced geriatricians, who are also working as staff specialists at Bankstown Hospital. We strive to give the best care for our patients and we are working closely with the public hospitals as well as the available community services for our geriatric patients.


What we could offer:

1. Comprehensive geriatric assessment

2. Cognitive assessment

3. Behavioural and Psychological Symptoms of Dementia (BPSD) management

4. Fall assessment

5. Medication management and polypharmacy

6. Assessment regarding placement or future planning

7. General medicine review for elderly patient

We provide both in-room consultations as well as home visits and nursing home visits for our patients.

All our consultations are bulk billed with valid GP referral letter. 


Please note that we do not perform assessment for capacity for financial/immigration/court related matters for new patients.

Our practice has 2 visiting geriatricians:

Dr. Ishrat Jahan (Female geriatrician)​​

  • Speaks Arabic and Urdu

  • Available for booked appointments every 2nd Tuesday

Dr Deni Irwanto (Male geriatrician)

  • Speaks Indonesian

  • Available for booked appointments every Thursday

I am a Consultant physician and geriatrician based in Sydney, Australia. I graduated from the University of New South Wales medical school in 2005 and have worked in several large Sydney tertiary hospitals as well as in Singapore hospitals for many years, prior to being awarded his FRACP as a consultant physician and geriatrician in 2014.  I have many years of experience in all aspects of geriatric medicine including acute geriatric medicine, cognitive assessment, falls assessment, ortho-geriatrics, community geriatric medicine, geriatric rehabilitation and general adult internal medicine.


I am also actively involved in research, and have published research in geriatric medicine field, mainly in the community geriatric medicine. My recent article with my colleagues has been published at Internal Medicine Journal by the Royal Australasian College of Physician.


Currently I am working as part time staff specialist in geriatric medicine at Bankstown Hospital. Together with my colleague, I have developed successful acute geriatric services for the nursing home patients for the Bankstown area, which incorporated hospital-like treatment in the nursing homes. This program has been successful in reducing nursing home patients’ presentation to Bankstown Hospital.


I have been very active in the private practice in Bankstown area for the last 4 years and have been doing rooms and outside visits to nursing homes and home visits.  I am currently expanding my service in the area, and established SSWGS to further reach more elderly patients in Sydney South-West.


I also consult for patients at Campsie, Casula and Moorebank rooms.


Teaching and Education are also my strong interests. I am involved in teaching medical students from UNSW and UWS at Bankstown Hospital for years. I also go overseas once/year to attend international conference about geriatric medicine to ensure that my knowledge is uptodate. I am currently also acting as one of the supervisors for our geriatric advanced trainees at Bankstown Hospital.


Special Interest: Cognitive assessment, Memory Impairment, BPSD management, community geriatric medicine, falls, general medicine for older people.

If you would like to know more information or book an appointment for a referral by a geriatrician, please call our practice.

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