Meet Our Team

Dr. Olataga Alofivae-Doorbinnia

Practice Principal & Supervisor

Dr. Olataga is a graduate of Auckland Medical School (NZ), having completed her basic training in 1990. Since then, she obtained her Fellowship with the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners in 1995. She has two adult children and is happily married to our Practice Manager. 

Dr. Wendy Sorial

Senior GP & Supervisor

Dr. Sorial is a Senior GP who has been working at Powell St Medical Practice since 1996. She graduated from the University of Sydney, with Honours, and also has two adult children. She is happily married to another Dr. Sorial, orthopaedic surgeon. 

Dr. Sulojini Balakrishnan

Senior GP

Dr. Balakrishnan is a senior GP who has been working at Powell St Family Practice since 1997. She is a very experienced GP who works part time.

GP Registrars

GP Synergy Registrars

GP Synergy sends our practice rotating Registrars, on a 6-12-monthly basis. Our patients love getting to know our training GPs and they are often missed.

Nursing Staff

Negarin & Phillip

Our friendly practice nurses are clinical staff members that you may meet prior to your consults with your GP. They undertake many tasks such as blood pressure monitoring, wound dressings, immunisations, and health checks. 

Practice Manager

Kamal Doorbinnia

Our hard-working and friendly Practice Manager has been running Powell St Medical Practice since it opened in 1995. He is happily married to Dr. Olataga, and they have two wonderful children together. 

Front Desk & Admin Team

Vivian & Michaela

As soon as you arrive at Powell St Medical Practice, you will be cheerfully greeted by our excellent Front Desk staff - Vivian and Michaela.